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(TW) Living with Depression.

Trigger Warning (Suicide etc) Depression, some people would see it as "just having a bad day" but it's so much more than that. Imagine when you wake up the feeling of having something stopping you from even getting out of... Continue Reading →

I started vlogging

I finally did it! I finally started vlogging. It's been something I've wanted to do for a while I just could never muster up the courage to do it. I always felt awkward talking into a camera, I mean I... Continue Reading →

10 Months On Testosterone (Nebdio FTM & 4 Months Post Op (Miles Berry)

10 Months Testosterone Changes FTM (Nebido) Wow time is just flying by! on the 13th of this month (July) I'll be 4 months post op with Miles Berry and I'm almost 10 months on T! I'm so happy with the... Continue Reading →

Being made homeless and future plans.

Well the title of this post says it all really. I've been hit with what feels like a serious of unfortunate events recently, the icing on the cake was being made homeless. My mother decided she no longer wanted me... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Dysphoria, Depression and Grief.

This. Month. Sucked. This past month has been the worst month I've had in a while, the days became longer and agonizing to get through. I've been often feeling empty, emotional, scared, alone... I could go on but I think you... Continue Reading →

2 Week Post Op Top Surgery with Miles Berry (FTM)

IMPORTANT: for anyone who is squeamish I will be posting pictures of my results and at the moment they look a bit ''sore'' so just keep that in mind! So I'm 2 weeks post op top surgery (FTM) with Miles... Continue Reading →

5 Months on T! (Nebido) & Top Surgery Date!!

So it has been a while since I posted here (5 months actually), I've been really busy and for a while I made this blog private, I wanted to keep things private for a while but I decided that I... Continue Reading →

Food glorious food! (1 week on Testosterone Nebido – FTM)

Okay so this is post gets a little personal so just a heads up I talk about a few taboo subjects and areas! but I left it right to the last paragraph. As you guessed by the title today marks one... Continue Reading →

Hello world! (a quick intro!)

Hello everyone!  Sooo a little about myself then eh?  if you didn't know already my name is Ross, I'm a 21 years old FTM Transgender from United Kingdom. I'm currently on my journey to become a happier and healthier me!... Continue Reading →

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